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I am writing this letter in reference to the Head Start family at Union Baptist. I  am a proud parent by the name of Shawnte’ Brown. I had a 4 year-old child named Derrick Fletcher who attended Union Baptist in the year of 08-09 n Ms. Doreen Omisore’s class. The reason for this letter is to show my appreciation for what this Head Start program has done for my son. My son now attends Mount Royal Elementary School. He is in the kindergarten. In school he gets praises for being ahead of the daily agenda that the teacher presents. My son is well equipped for school and I owe it all to Ms. Doreen and the Head Start program.  My child can read books, has no problem with sight words, and he does his math problems well. With all of this said I just wanted to say thank you to Union Baptist Head Start for giving my son an excellent head start in life. I will tell everyone about this program because it does just what its purpose is. It gives children the skills they need to be prepared for school.  


We are George and Mamie Connor, the proud parents of two wonderful and successful children whose names are Micah and Olivia. When both Micah and Olivia were younger, they attended Union Baptist Head Start, and since then have grown to be students who excel in their academic studies. While attending Union Baptist, they both developed a love for learning which is still prominent in their lives. This year Micah will be starting his senior year in high school at Coppin Academy. He has been the top student in his class since his freshman year, and has made many achievements in his academic career there. Olivia is starting her sophomore year at the Institute of Notre Dame, and was on the honor roll all four quarters of her freshman year. Being on the honor roll has been a part of their school achievements since leaving Union Baptist.         

Micah and Olivia both had jobs this summer.  Micah worked very well with the staff at Union Baptist.   Olivia worked at a daycare center, continuing to use her art skills that were discovered and nurtured at Union Baptist. 

We know that Union Baptist gave them a head start in life.


Head Start works!

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