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Family Services Coordinator

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Under the general supervision of Family Services Coordinator Supervisor, the Family Services Coordinator (FSC) will assure that Parents and guardians will receive the necessary services to assist in their success as a Head Start family .

Performance Standards are carried out for Child Health and Developmental Services, Child Health and Safety, Child Nutrition, Child Mental Health, Family and Community Partnerships, Program Governance, and Disabilities Services.

  • Participates in program planning process

  • Participates in program self assessment process

  • Supports special initiatives implemented by Baltimore City Head Start Program

  • Utilizes the COPA data management system to enroll, document and track all services to families

  • Develops or assists in developing a comprehensive plan for the provision of social services, in compliance with the Head Start Performance Standards and approved by the appropriate policy groups.


SPECIFIC FUNCTIONS:  (Examples of Duties based on FSC Position/Title)

  • Facilitates the organization of the Health Services Advisory Committee and utilizes the Committee in planning, implementation and evaluation of the health services.

  • Identifies and utilizes state and local resources for family services (health, education, housing, finance, etc...)

  • Links the child and family to an ongoing health system and other services as needed.

  • Maintains accurate and updated records on all enrolled children.

  • Works with staff to integrate health education into the Head Start Program and assist in providing training to parents, staff and children.

  • Schedules necessary screenings/examinations for children in order to meet time frame as required.

  • Serves as a liaison between Head Start and Community organizations to provide holistic service to children and families.

  • Obtains and assesses nutritional information/needs for each enrolled child.

  • Notifies appropriate staff of identified special diets or eating disorders of children.

  • Plots and monitors child’s weight/height on Growth Charts to determine if follow up services are needed.  

  • 1Organizes training for families on various topics and issues.


  • Establishes effective recruitment initiatives.

  • Recruits children for the Head Start Program.

  • Registers families for program and maintains a waiting list.

  • Assists program staff in the Selection Process and placement of children.

  • Monitors attendance of children in assigned classrooms.

  • Works with families to make improvements on their attendance when they are Chronically absent  

Family and Community Partnerships:

  • Develops and implements parent orientation.

  • Orients parents to their roles as parents in the Head Start Program.

  • Work with staff to involve parents in all aspects of Head Start.

  • Makes periodic home visits.

  • Maintains records that document parent involvement/participation in program activities.

  • Assist parents in assessing their needs and developing goals.

  •  Develops and documents family partnership agreements for all assigned families

  • Provides assistance to families by identifying resources for achieving family goals and objectives.

  • In conjunction with identified staff, develops and implements program’s transition plan.

  • Assists in the development of community partnerships in the areas of health, mental health, nutrition, disabilities, family preservation, child abuse prevention, education, childcare, and any other areas which may provide support and resources to families.

Disability Services:

  • Attends staffing’s, Child Development Team Meetings, and/or IEP Meetings for assigned children

  • Actively recruits children with special needs for participation in Head Start

  • Actively participates in program referral process

  • Supports parents on assigned case load through the program’s referral process

  • Empowers parents on assigned case load to advocate for their child

Program Governance:
Establishes, implements, and participates in parent committee meetings 
Assists in the recruitment of parents and/or community representatives to participate on  Head Start Program’s Policy Committee
Assists in training Policy Committee members
Attends regular  Policy Committee meetings to serve as a resource and liaison
Completes all "other duties as assigned" by the Family Services Coordinator Supervisor  

Attend training as assigned to enhance skills in areas of need 
Complete Case Management Certificate Program when assigned
Minimum Qualification:
Associates degree in the Human services field and 1 or more years of experience working with families in the field of social services
Preferred: BS/BA in the Human Services field with 5 + years of experience working with families in the capacity of providing social services
Salary $20.10-25.00 per hr.  contingent upon review of education and experience.
46 week work year
37.5 hours per week (75 hours bi-weekly)

Benefits Package:
Health, vision and dental benefits, Supplemental health coverage program, life insurance, 403 B retirement program and paid leave.

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