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Child Development Associate Credential.  Willingness to continue training.  


GENERAL FUNCTION:   In collaboration with the Teacher, is responsible for providing a stimulating environment for the growth, well-being and development of the child.


SPECIFIC FUNCTION:  (example of duties):


1.    The Assistant Teacher will assist the Teacher to:

  • Understand and implement the assigned curriculum.

  • Implement daily practice of the CLASS philosophy and guidelines.

  • Select materials, equipment and arrange the room to provide an environment conducive to learning and appropriate to the development level and learning style of the children.

  • Provide a safe environment by taking necessary measures to reduce and prevent accidents and/or illness.

  • Provide the group with a positive routine and with simple rules that are understood and accepted by children and adults.

  • Provide a variety of appropriate equipment, activities and opportunities to promote the physical development of the children.

  • Provide activities and experiences which encourage questioning, probing and problem-solving skills appropriate to development level and learning style of the children.

  • Help children to acquire and use language as a means of communicating their thoughts, feelings and understanding of others.

  • Provide a variety of experiences and media that stimulate children to explore and express their creative ability.

  • Help children to know, accept and appreciate themselves as individuals.

  • Help each child develop a sense of independence and acquire the ability to express, understand and control feelings.

  • Help the child to learn to get along with others and encourage feelings of mutual respect among children in the group.

  • Establish positive and productive relationships with parents and encourage them to participate in the center’s activities.

  • Plan regular parent conferences (2x per year) with parents and make home visits (2x pre year).   

  • Organize the Classroom Committee.

  • Assist in developing the initial and ongoing observations, assessments, and recording of each child’s behavior.

  • Assist in developing the written individualized education plans.

  • Assist in developing the written weekly lesson plans.

  • Make appropriate referrals based upon assessments, team planning sessions, CDT, etc.

  • Maintain all necessary record keeping, (e.g. meal count, attendance, documentation of individualizing for each child, etc.).

  • Initiate Center plan of action for absence of children.

  • Make regular inspections and report the need for repair/replacement of classroom supplies and equipment.


2.    Plan for and participate in the weekly team planning sessions with FSC.


3.    Serve as a member of CDT when appropriate.


4.    Work cooperatively with other staff members in implementation of Center plans, activities, policies and rules.


5.    Follow written policies and regulations established by the Head Start Performance Standards, the Center, Health Department and granting agency.


6.    Participate in workshops, seminars and assigned training programs that will facilitate ongoing professional development.


7.    Be responsible for the class in the absence of the Teacher.

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