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Grade 26

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education, one year supervisory experience with a minimum of 3 years experience as a preschool classroom teacher. Driver's license. and/or access to a vehicle. Seeks but continual development of self.

GENERAL FUNCTION: Under the supervision of Center Director, is responsible for the planning, implementation, and assessment of the Education Component.

SPECIFIC FUNCTION (example of duties):
1. Is responsible for implementation of major educational program goals.
2. Is responsible for supervision of teaching staff and education activities.
3. Is responsible for orientation of new staff, volunteers, and parents to the Education Component.
4. Is responsible for in-service training of education staff.
5. Is responsible for parent education in the Education Component.
6. Serves as a liaison between teaching staff and Center Director.
7. Consults with the Center Director regarding program needs and revisions.
8. Is responsible for first line coordination with referral or potential referral with agencies and services.
9. Consults with Specialists about the Education Component.
10. Provides written reports to the Center Director regarding the Education Component on a regular basis.
11. At the discretion of Center Director, is responsible for overall center operations in the absence of Center Director.
12. Orders all classroom supplies.
13. Maintains inventory of educational supplies and equipment.
14. Coordinates arrangements for field trips.

15. Arranges, approves, and monitors teachers' schedules.
16. Checks classrooms daily to be sure they are adequately supervised.
17. Calls substitutes/volunteers.
18. Is responsible for assembling educational information for newsletter.
19. Coordinates development of home learning activities.
20. Supervises teachers' record keeping.
21. Reviews educational records on a monthly basis.
22. Is responsible for assessment of children's progress on a regular ongoing basis.
23. Observes teaching staff on a regular and an ongoing basis for the purpose of assessing and/or providing technical assistance.
24. Demonstrates materials and techniques for teachers and/or parents.
25. Models appropriate teaching behavior with children.
26. Participates in conferences with staff, parents, and other involved persons, when appropriate to discuss children's needs. 
27. Conducts conferences with teachers on a regular scheduled basis.
28. Is responsible for evaluating teachers' performance.
29. Serves as a primary resource for all planning sessions.
30. Assists teachers in planning and implementing monthly Class Committee meetings.
31. Assists teachers in planning 'and scheduling home visits.
32. Is responsible for seeing that reporting deadlines are met.
33. Is responsible for preparation and submission of all required reports.
34. Attends meetings (day/evenings) per assignment.

35. Serves as host/hostess to visitors.
36. Works flexible hours per assignment.

KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: Thorough knowledge of principles of Early Childhood Education. Knowledge of an ability to demonstrate teaching techniques to teaching staff and parents. Ability to motivate. Skillful questioner. Experience in program coordination and problem solving; organizational abilities; skills .in
communication, planning, writing and supervisory experience. Ability to develop and maintain positive community relations, particularly with parents. Ability to develop skills in planning, developing and preparing budgets.

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