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There is a lot to be grateful for when it comes to people and donating. We know for instance that and that our brain's reward center lights up when we give. But, researchers have found that there is a darker side to our altruism as well. Sometimes we don't give to compelling causes, or we don't give as much as we could. The problem seems to be most severe when we are asked to give to many people who are far away, even if the circumstances of those people are dire. 

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Current Volunteer opportunities at Union Baptist Head Start Include:

  • Classroom Aide

  • Kitchen Aide

  • Janitorial Service and minor building maintenance/repair

  • Administrative /Clerical

  • Maintenance and Repair

  • Special Projects (assist with parent events, workshops, trips, etc…)

  • Other: options to bring your special skills that help to strengthen the program and its services to children, families and the community

Ready to volunteer or would like more information? 

      Contact Aamil Saboor at 410-523-8793 or to volunteer.

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