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MAY 17TH 2023





On Saturday May 6, 2023 at age 70, Mrs. Sonya T. Moore (Babalool) transitioned to start her eternal spiritual journey. At the early age of 13 Mrs. Sonya, during the summer of 1966, started volunteering at The Union Baptist-Harvey Johnson Head Start Center. As a teenage mother she was given tough love and guidance from Mrs. Dorothy B. Mapp and Lavern Stuart (Matriarchs of Union Baptist Head Start Center) who told her never to give up, finish school, get your education and bring your child to Head Start, and that she did.


She continued to volunteer at the Head Start program while she finished high school, and later college earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education at Coppin State University and started earning credits towards a Master’s degree in “City and Regional Planning” at Morgan State University. As she was on her educational journey she continued to volunteer at the Head Start Program, served on the Parent Policy Committee, helped out in the classrooms, and any other capacity she could until she was hired in 1970.

Not counting the years of volunteering, Mrs. Sonya gave a lifetime of service of 53 years in just about every position at the program. She served as a Custodian, Bus Aide, Assistant Teacher, Teacher, Disabilities Coordinator, Family Services Coordinator Supervisor, and Family Services Coordinator. She also helped in the kitchen preparing meals for the children. We would say she laid the first bricks or turned on the lights of Union Baptist Head Start. When asked why she never took on the role of the “Director” she would say “Nah…Nah I have a life.” She took advantage of all the positive things Head Start had to offer and in turn she shared her experience, knowledge, and gifts to all that were around her.

I had the honor of working with Mrs. Sonya for 9 of her 53 years as her supervisor and later her director. If any of the other staff members would “give me a hard time” you could hear her yelling from her desk “don’t be messing with my supervisor” and later it became “y’all better leave my director alone.” She would take people under her wing to take care of their needs both professionally and personally without asking for recognition of her deeds.

We had the pleasure to see her genuinely working with children and families and giving so much of herself to the families and staff of the program. It’s amazing to sit and watch a master at work. To catch a glimpse of how she moved and navigated systems, how she taught and educated, how she gave and received admiration and love from others with ease. Even how she addressed a difficult situation with calmness and patience. Mrs. Sonya had that and so much more.

We will remember Mrs. Sonya’s, smiles, laughter, jokes, energy, her stories, willingness to go that extra mile and most of all we will remember her dedication, loyalty to the program, and people she helped. Mrs. Sonya is  truly one of those Diamonds in the rough that shined brightly within our Head Start Family. We will always remember she will never be forgotten.

Mrs. Mapp Always said,  “This Is The Place Where Angels Sing” and Sonya T. Moore is one of our Angels that’s singing within the halls of Union Baptist Harvey Johnson Head Start.


Aamil Saboor

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